The range of services we provide

You deserve a company that values your requests and brings your vision to life. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service. We take scheduling, production, and quality control serious to ensure you receive only excellence.

Landscape designing and Gardening

We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there to help them accomplish the dreams that they have for the property from new construction landscaping to existing landscapes that need a facelift, our professional staff shall helps you.


Our landscape division has many years of experience in all phases of landscaping and our customer focused approach makes the landscape experience just that, an experience. We want our customers to be there from the moment we get to the job until the end of the job so that they can have as much input.


We focus on managing and maintaining the green environment. Our arboriculture works play a significant part in ensuring that green spaces, in both urban and rural settings, contribute cultural, aesthetic and ecological benefits. We currently manage and maintain trees on a variety of sites and throughout parks, housing areas and amenity landscapes. Whatever the environment, our specially trained arborists deliver.

We provide consultancy on general and specific arboriculture services, carry out Trees Census Report Preparation GPS Survey with photographs, Micro and macro ecological reports for authority submissions and expert report for ecological sustainability of site, Botanical Records of each tree and Govt. submittals, Scientific report for transplantation cutting and methodological execution of the process.

Environmental Liasoning Services

Adenium Gardens Pvt. Ltd. provides a diverse range of responsible, accountable services that reduce risk and deliver peace of mind to the customers, communities and consultants we serve.

With our industry expertise, broad-based experience, and geographic coverage, we are a “one-stop- shop” that can manage environmental and industrial issues of virtually any size and scope from start to finish.


Beyond that, we have the financial strength to bring the right technical and professional resources to every job and to stand behind everything we do.

This blend of expertise, skill, experience, and stability has made Adenium Gardens Pvt. Ltd. a preferred provider of confident, no-worry services that ensure maximum environmental protection while minimizing the risk and liability of our customers.

Office Scape

Consultancy based approach trusted by many leading organisations.

Over the past years, we’ve worked with a variety of large companies in Mumbai & the surrounding areas, transforming their offices into places where people love to do good work. Our experienced and dynamic team of designers, project managers and fit out specialists work to ensure that not only do workplaces look beautiful and incorporate branding, but are also highly productive and flexible by employing agile working and an evidence-based design process.

Plant Scape

With the change in living standard, love for plants has been grown widely. New people generally buy plants from anywhere and plant it anywhere without any know-how, which not only kills the plant but kicks the motivation down to buy living plants.

We assist you to select right plants for your space.

Vertical Gardening

In the era of flats and utility houses, space for gardens has been optimized.

Vertical living wall is a nice concepts of Gardening. Panels are fixed on the wall or fence and plants of low height are planted in the panels.

Irrigation system is also developed to water them properly. It energizes us to have a green living wall around us.

Commercial Plantation

Many people have agriculture land nearby Mumbai Most of the lands are under utilized.

We can grow high return crops on the land with easy practice. Veggies and fruits can be grown to get a good return. We can help you have your own organic plants and vegetables.

Air Purification

Indoor air quality has a significant impact on employee health and performance. Working in an office means being indoors for most of the day, making the evaluation and improvement of indoor air quality an important element of staff productivity and wellbeing.

Improved air quality increases employee satisfaction, performance and reduces the number of days lost to staff sickness. Often the simplest way of improving office air quality is with mobile high performance office air cleaners.

We work with both office and building managers to specify the optimum installation for each environment.

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